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Obdurate Iniquity

Unearthed Iniquity
5 September 1983
"There are moments in life that are too beautiful to ignore. Moments in which it seems the world itself would stop and everything except that beauty would cease to exist. This is the world in which we all live, a place composed of light and shadow, emotion and absense. A small sound could carry the impact of thunder, delivered on swift wings to a grateful ear. A stunning vision could be a splendid paradise or a stygian hell. The only thing that separates the two is perception."

"While moments pass us by, some we come to cherish and others we forget. Some can deliver us felicity and others wrack our souls. Smiles or tears, we are marked by each moment in which we live. These moments forge us like steel into individuals, each different, each a product of a separate series of moments."

"Living is defined to me as the recognition of each moment we survive; simply existing is not enough. I feel we must offer acknowledgement to each interim and to each passing second. We must recognize the imagery around us and appreciate what life really is to reach our true, full potential. We do not simply breathe... we evolve and conquer, we love and hate, we adore and envy. We live in a chaotic pendency, and each moment we live is simply a respite from destruction. May we endure in awareness and persist."

- Obtrectation, 11/09/2002

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